2017 New Car Models

Top 5 New Cars Coming in 2017

2017 New Car Models

2017 New Car Models

1. Honda NSX
Honda NSX

After what seemed an eternity since its introduction 2012 as a concept vehicle, the new Honda NSX is finally impetuous us with a release date in late 2015 as a 2016 model driving the rear wheels, an engine turbo V and an electric motor -6 interleaving in transmitting provide most of the power, while each front wheel has its own electric motor for hybrid traction total capacity. The price of the NSX start at around $ 150,000. You will live up to its predecessor's reputation as a true super car that still makes the reliable and comfortable daily driver.

2. Apple Car
Apple Car

A car self-driving Apple seriously shake up the entire automotive industry if not pan out, so It deserves a mention, however. The technology giant Silicon Valley has recently been poaching respected automotive executives around the world who are secretly working on a project related to car-big name in Titan code. If Apple gets into the new car business, it will not unless you have something completely revolutionary.

3. BMW M2

will probably tell you the E30 M3 generation of the 1980s and 1990s was the car driver of the purest company ever produced. M3 today is much bigger and heavier around 1,000 pounds, leaving room for a lighter and more capable model agitation just below it. Enter 2017 M2, which is based on the new coupe 2-Series recently published and convertible. Is expected to feature a twin-turbo inline six-cylinder with around 400 horsepower, this new compact is well mimic the spirit that made the E30 as a legend. We hope that by the end of 2016.

4. Lincoln Continental
Lincoln Continental

Poor Lincoln just can not seem to take a break these days with weak sales and a line of less-than-exciting products. In the New York Auto Show 2015, the luxury brand of Ford surprised everyone with this awesome concept car that previewed the next star full size of the company. With hints of Lincoln models classic and modern designs Bentley, said the concept of a preview of near a luxury sedan production all-wheel drive to reach dealers calendar year 2017, if not before. As it regards Lincoln, the sooner the better.

5. Toyota Supra
Toyota Supra

Ask any fan of sports car Japanese your favorite model of all time and you might just say it's the sports car MkIV Supra, who terrorized the roads around the world during the 1990s with its twin-turbo six-cylinder line engine, which commonly was pushed to do more than 1000 horsepower. The Next Generation "U.S.A" Supra has been confirmed, and Toyota is currently working with BMW to build the car platform and a new turbocharged inline six-cylinder. FT-1 Concept company shown here gives a good preview of the actual car design, although the Supra will be slightly smaller and less along the top. This is the model enthusiasts affordable Japanese sports cars have been waiting for.

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