ford mustang gt

Ford Mustang GT - From the inside, hoarse idling strength with eyes wide open voice acceleration, the engine has to do with performance. 435 horsepower and 400 lb.-ft & the power and torque that is greater than the fifth generation of vehicles. This machine is designed to maximize the power of each compression, with larger valves intake and exhaust, cylinder head, which has a port and a high-flow intake and exhaust camshaft which has an impressive lift, & the icing on the cake - the exhaust 5.0L offers a powerful sound experience.

ford mustang gt

Ford Mustang GT 2016 Price in India 

The navigation system is available voice-activated including a five-year free subscription SiriusXM Traffic and Travel Link 34, which combines the technology of Global Positioning System (GPS) mapping 3-D and supply by turn voice guided turn directions review & With SiriusXM Traffic and SiriusXM Travel Link & you can get detailed information about traffic, plus the current weather and forecasts, sports scores and theater information.

The SelectShift available six-speed automatic transmission has paddle shifters on the steering wheel that allows you to replace the automatic and enjoy the feeling of pulling off manual control over gear selection.

The first feature of its kind in the industry, and the perfect tool for Mustang drivers who want to test their critical skills on the track & Electronics Line Lock makes the front brakes locked while releasing the rear brake, which allows you to rotate and heat speed up the rear tires to improve grip. You will not have to balance the foot brake and the other on the gas line or install a mechanical lock. With warm tires properly & the driver can stop at the staging line &  connecting and catapults launch control line when the green light goes out.

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