Innova 2016 Interior design Dubai

Innova 2016 Interior design Dubai- New 2016 Toyota Innova has been designed for the new year, new Toyota Innova even has what is claimed to be the first leaked images of the upcoming models. As can be seen in the picture above Innova 2016, the next generation Innova will not look like the current model. The front of the new Innova 2016 is more aggressive than the ongoing 2014 yesterday. Now got the SUV-like stance in front of the large glass, high seating and large grille. Gratings also go under the knife and look much more masculine now. Headlights are also less-rounded and more boxy with sharp styling. Now more subtle wheel arches and side profiles also got some changes on an ongoing variants and The peak of the new model is the rear quarter glass design, which certainly looks interesting.

Innova 2016 Interior design Dubai

Design Exterior & Interior

Designed with the concept of being a multi-performance vehicle thanks to the tough and sophisticated exterior, the enhanced interior and the new powerful and efficient powertrain for improved driving dynamics, the all-new Innova proudly stands out within the MPV segment.

Aside from the redesigned exterior, the new Innova makes use of an improved and fortified frame, resulting in better handling and a more comfortable ride. With its strengthened frame and SUV-inspired styling, the Innova delivers a spacious and comfortable journey regardless of the road or weather conditions.

Saud Abbasi, managing director of Toyota at Al-Futtaim Motors, said and The Light Commercial Vehicle market is one of great importance to Al-Futtaim Motors, driving a substantial part of our business. Last year, the Toyota LCV line-up recorded an average of 8 per cent growth, while the LCV segment itself saw a growth of 4 per cent average."

Innova 2016 Interior design Dubai performance is influenced to a great extent by cars like the Innova, which has traditionally been extremely popular among Taxi operators and SMEs, as well as by individuals looking for a reliable and versatile vehicle that, like all other Toyota vehicles, delivers complete peace of mind. With the new generation, we are offering even more grades that will cater to an even wider audience, fulfilling any need or requirement."

The new Innova's exterior is carefully designed with SUV elements creating a stable and imposing appearance. The new Innova features an emotional interior design that combines strength and space. The wide, spacious interior atmosphere puts emphasis on all the seats while also creating a silhouette unique to a high-quality MPV.


The driver-friendly instrument panel features a 4.2-inch TFT colour Multi-Information Display, which allows the driver to access a multitude of vehicle information, important warnings and in-car entertainment. The display is positioned high on the instrument panel, allowing the driver to easily and safely monitor vehicle information while driving.

Innova 2016 Interior design Dubai in UAEThe new Innova is also available with a full-colour Rear View Monitor System, which ensures peace of mind when reverse parking. The vehicle also features an advanced Pedestrian Protection Performance system where impact-absorbing structures are used for parts such as the engine hood, front fender and cowl to reduce impact force to the heads and legs of pedestrians during a collision.

New toyota innova 2016
New 2016 toyota innova
New toyota innova
Innova 2016
New innova 2016

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