Dell A920 Driver Download

Dell A920 Driver Download

Dell A920 Driver - Printers with this new type can be said to be expensive with a low price of about $ 100, a multifunction printer that has a flatbed scanner, print, copy, and fax. This multifunction printer can not function properly. Also it can not be used as a standalone device so it must use other connected devices to do the work on this printer. Dell A920 is only compatible with Windows OS only.
The size of this device is still the average width of your regular flatbed display scanner, but six inches taller to support the printing press, the Dell A920 can not be compact. Paper input tray holding plastic coherent up to 100 sheets at the top of the fold down and out of the scanner lid when it is off. The output tray is arranged in a plastic drawer that is slid out from the bottom of the device, and needs to lift the small device if you want to shift. Printing ink cartridges is easy to install and remove so opening the scanner section to reveal the printing press is easy.
The Dell A920 has another USB-connected device with ease, not including the cord.
The Dell A920 printer is best used for simple use of the lower class only. Due to the very simple features of this device, even when the All-In-One feature is great, scanning, copying, printing and faxing is no hassle.
Dell A920 also spray ink through expensive cartridges, priced at $ 26.95 for black cartridges and $ 29.95 for each color cartridge.
Dell A920 printer can be said to be lacking in everything, both scanning, color scanning and others that are still less focused. The A920 print quality is only slightly better. Text on plain paper and inkjet blur, especially for the use of photo printing is very bad because the color yan gdi grow too dark and thick, the color is too pink, and so on.

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Drivers For Windows
Printer Driver, 8.1 / 8.0 / 7 / Vista / XP (x32 bit) R60655 22.4 MB ⇒      Download
Printer Driver, 8.1 / 8.0 / 7 / Vista / XP (x64 bit) R60655 22.4 MB ⇒      Download

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